Cable Car Sex Scandal in China

This happened in conservative China. The cable car link at Songpu, Heilongjiang, northern China.

A girl decided to add to the 5000 years of Chinese history, by being the first woman to cross the mighty River naked and in the air. She is like the fairy in many Chinese history books, who floats in the air, and crosses the river to save thousands of peasant from starvation, in this case, sex starvation.

In the olden days, she would have been honoured and made a sex deity, to be worshipped in all temples across China and Asia. As it is now, she is revered and worshipped by many over-awed youngsters as their heroine, albeit in cyberspace throughout the world. She is the beginning of the next 5000 years of Chinese history. Let this be the website that documents this piece of important historical fact.